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Date: February 18 - 23, 2024

Day 1, February 18, 2024: Airport Arrival, Leknes


  • Arrive to airport Leknes (LKN). I will pick you up in the 8-pax van and transport you to our lodge! After arrival, feel free to relax in the lodge as we prepare for a week of Arctic Adventures! 

Day 2, February 19, 2024: Fishing villages - Hamnøy, Reine, Sakrisøy, and Å 

  • Enjoy an early breakfast before we depart our lodge for the western part of Lofoten to iconic villages such as Hamnøy, Reine, Sakrisøy, and Å. We’ll drive along the picturesque E-10 road and set up to enjoy and capture the sunrise. We will make many stops along the way to enjoy unique landscapes of snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, and lakes.  

  • After we enjoy the morning golden hour, we’ll head into one of the towns for coffee and other treats. February is prime fishing season for Lofoten, so we will be able to enjoy some super fresh cod as well! As golden hour and sunset approaches we will once again set up for photos and enjoy the soft Arctic light. 

  • We will return to our lodge to unwind following the sunset, go into town for dinner, and if conditions are good, we will venture back out to search for the Northern Lights!

Day 3, February 20, 2024: Rambergstranda Beach, Kvalvika Beach, Skagsanden and Haukland Beach, Viking Museum and Feast


  • Today we will visit Arctic beaches! Crystal blue waters, rocky cliffs, white beaches and maybe even some courageous Arctic surfers await us at Rambergstranda Beach, Kvalvika Beach, Skagsanden and Haukland Beach. If the weather permits, we can hike up to incredible view points to take in the sights, otherwise we can enjoy the beaches from the ground level. Following our beach visits, we will venture into another town for coffee, tea, and lunch.

  • In the afternoon we will visit the famous Dragon Eye at Uttakleiv Beach where we will enjoy the sunset and golden hour. Then we will go to the Viking Museum to learn about Viking culture on the islands and enjoy a Viking feast! 


  • Following the feast, if the conditions are right for it, we will proceed to another location to enjoy the Northern Lights! 

Day 4, February 21, 2024: Eastern Lofoten and Sami Reindeer Farm


  • Today we head out to the eastern part of the Lofoten islands. We will visit a reindeer farm and learn about Sami culture in the middle of the afternoon! Following our reindeer farm visit, we’ll explore the eastern part of the islands and stay overnight nearby.

  • As always, if conditions are favorable, we will search for the Northern Lights in the evening!